Our Happy Monday 😊😊

Monday BellyBoogie on Zoom

BellyBoogie has started with the first lockdown in March 2020 I wanted to cheer up my clients and we started to learn to bellydance even though it wasnt at all on their "to do list" - 18 months later and we are all still dancing each Monday together and many of them have joined my technique class on Thursday morning. 

The BellyBoogie became very popular amongst experienced students and teachers and today we have a mix of women in different levels including beginners yet we all have fun and we all learn new things each week. Many experienced students are joining in to brush up on their technique as I explain moves and arms etc with great level of details. 

It works very well for us on zoom - everyone dances in their own home, no one is judging them and if they go wrong its not an issue. Many students who have gone back to live classes face to face still join me to improve their technique and get compliments from their teachers. 


its FREE

its for EVERYONE

At 5.30 pm we have 30 minutes of Pre-Boogie where I teach different things in full details. This is extra 30 minutes at a cost of £4 and you receive the video to practice if you wish to. 

At 6 pm the Bellyboogie starts and we all dance together. Some people book and join at 5.30 and others join at 6 pm straight to the dancing. 

Get in touch if you want to join our FREE Monday session using the contact form page  so I will send you the zoom link. 

For booking Pre-Boogie Visit: www.bookwhen.com/naama

**** If you would like to join my  technique class on Thursday morning  - you can find more about it using the booking link www.bookwhen.com/naama