Our Happy Monday 😊😊

Monday BellyBoogie on Zoom

Hi, I am Naama ,I have been a Bellydance Teacher and a Pilates Teachcer for more than 8 years. My online teaching started nearly 2 years ago when the coronavirus has hit the world and locked us down… My seniors Pilates clients were very worried about their health, not seeing their family, not being able to socialise, and not being able to keep active.

As a result of the lockdown I have moved my Pilates classes on zoom and taught all my seniors how to install zoom, how to set it up and arrange their camera etc and in April 2020 we all started Pilates on zoom. That gave me an idea to also start teaching bellydancing on zoom so I opened a class for beginners and called it BellyBoogie – which meant it was mainly for having a boogie together and enjoying ourselves. My senior ladies have joined my BellyBoogie to lift their locked down spirit and the rest is history...

Nearly 2 years on and we still meet up every Monday on zoom and dance together regardless of lockdown. They all fell in love in bellydancing and found that they can move their body like they never thought possible….

Seeing my ladies losing weight, becoming more supple, feeling better, having a defined waistline, having to buy new bras as their chest has lifted up… and seeing them looking younger encouraged me to continue the classes on zoom and continue to spread the love to this beautiful dance form.

BellyBoogie is indeed fun dancing session and a great way to start your Bellydance journey. Hopefully you will want to work on your technique, build the necessary muscles, learn how to control them and how to use them while dancing so you can reflect power, strength and yet look graceful. 

If you would like to join my BellyBoogie get in touch by clicking on the link below. 

***Towards end of January 2022 I will release a pre recoded online course for complete beginners - if you wish to purchase this course ($50) please register your interest using this link.