Technique Class - Gentle, slow pace and each move explained in great details.

Thursday 10 am 

This class is well attended by bellydance students and non bellydance students.
It is a gentle class in which we work on various aspects of technique. We spend the last 20 minutes seated  
All the women who attend the class have found their waist .... They got their womanly curves back and they found their inner grace. On top to they became more mobile in their hips and upper body so even parking became an easier task as they can turn their head back to see more....... They reduced tension from their shoulders and neck and strengthen their back and all in a fun and gentle class. 
Most definitely worth a try.


Monday 6 pm

Monday Boogie

This is 30 minutes of fun dancing together to all levels. 

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Bellydance Weekly Class

Thursday 6.30 pm -8.00 pm 

The class will suit intermediate to advance level.  It is quite a hectic session so you need to have a fair level of stamina and strength. We cover a lot in each class with specific drills for arms, muscle isolation, coordination, combinations, musicality, transitions, veil technique, and a lot more.

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