Students Testimonials

"Naama is an experienced Belly Dance teacher and her training reflects traditional mixed styles from Tribal, Oriental, Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish and Modern.  She teaches effective improvisation techniques with passion , inspiration and strong knowledge on hands, hips and all over muscle movements. She teaches across different  levels of students with different experience and abilities. Her incredibility effective step-by step movements enable student to learn quick and progress to more complicated isolations, turns and tricks. She ensures that guidelines are followed well to perfection!  

Naama is very patient teacher with happy, outgoing, bubbly personality, true hardworking professional! She cares for everyone health and offers advice on improving personal fitness, diet and wellbeing.  She is also a Pilates teacher and apply her knowledge when teaching belly dance taking to consideration specific movements that are safe to follow

She interacts with everyone in the lessons with positive attitude and motivation. I tremendously enjoyed my journey with Naama and looking forward to explore so much more!"

Maria Khan

"I have been known Namma for year by now.  She is just an amazing dancer and an awesome Teacher. It is a Privilege, to learn from her. The dedication, Involvement, the Precise detailing in the steps and the discipline is just out of words. Honestly, the surrounding itself will adapt to her vibes, energy and the warmth.  In lockdown too, she lifted all our spirits up. The Zoom classes are just amazing.The energy, is same as the normal classes. We learnt many things. Namma is very encouraging too, in class as well as the Zoom classes too.She is so so positive and uplifting.As a person tooo, she is a Gem."

"Naama has been teaching belly dance for several years and is very accomplished, having trained with World class teachers. Her belly dance classes are at present on Zoom and are equally as excellent as those in the dance studio. Naama gives clear, concise instructions on technique and all aspects of dance. Every class brings enjoyment and achievement, so if you are looking for a brilliant teacher look no further than Naama. You will not be disappointed!"

Gloria Young

I love my belly dance lessons with Naama, learning a lot every time, enjoy every single movements she is an awesonsome dancer and highly experienced teacher, she provides fun, inspirational and challeging rountines, suitable for all capabilities, ages and size ,that is one of the most enjoyable fitness dance classes I have ever done, upbeat and keep myself fit in fun way, she help me to understand how to put the movements together in a sequence that look nice, my confidence has improved massively.
She also a qualified Pilates teacher and understands how to use the body muscles more efficiently into belly dance, She is very motivated, passionate and put on great efforts to make sure the lessons are fun and enjoyable atmosphere, I can’t recommend her enough! "

Mandy Tan

Naama is the most enthusiastic, encouraging and motivated Belly Dance teacher you could ever wish to learn from. She breathes dance in and out like oxygen, its not the only thing in her life but she puts her heart and soul into her dancing and shares her love with others.
Naama keeps working and learning to develop her teaching skills and is dedicated to providing the best experience to her students of all ages. She encourages her students and helps them to be the best they can be.
Dancing with Naama is fantastic – you will learn new skills and feel so much happier and healthier AND its such good fun."

Gyda Bostan


This is a great class to improve flexibility and use your brain.  We learn and perfect routines to perform in the annual show (performing is not compulsory), practice new steps and dance for pleasure, trying to follow what Naama is doing.  Some of us wear standard exercise gear (with a hip scarf, which is fun) and the rest, including Naama, wear a dazzling array of different outfits every week.    

During lockdown the class has been on Zoom, which works very well.  Naama is so passionate about belly dancing that she arranges extra half hour Zoom sessions during the week to practice a particular technique or just to "boogie" together."

Clair Olivari